OEN article...

I've recently come across a really lovely article written by Mark Robinson for OEN, a very interesting website. http://the189.com/design/ceramics-by-justine-allison/

Here is a snipett, the link above takes you to the whole article.

'One such artist that I came across over the weekend was Justine Allison, who is based in rural Wales. Interestingly, Justine grew up in London and she says her work reflected that at the time. Drawing inspiration from city life, though the buildings, streets, windows, sounds, and busy lifestyle. As you can imagine, living in Wales is the polar opposite in terms of environment, so she’s going to discover different feelings and thoughts, maybe even more of a connection with nature due to the surroundings. These semi-functional porcelain works that she creates have a real sense of simplicity about them, representing the clay in a pure way, sometimes this involves pattern and texture, also using a mixture of glazes. One thing I noticed, and is something that’s a common theme throughout all beautiful porcelain (Taizo Kuroda comes to mind), is the effect that light has on these thin forms. It’s almost as if it starts to create an atmosphere, particularly under natural lighting as you have the light spraying quite erratically.' Mark Robinson July 2013

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