Justine Allison CPA

Since leaving Camberwell College of Art in 1998 I have been primarily working with hand built porcelain. My work addresses the boundaries between function and decoration. Form is paramount; function is a driving motivation, but it is the aesthetics of a piece that are key to my making. 
My work is very much concerned with the simplicity and beauty of the clay and incorporating pattern and texture as well as glaze to create subtle, unique variations. Thinness and movement are very important in each piece. 
I grew up, worked and lived in a busy part of London, and my work reflected that, as I drew inspiration from city life, (buildings, streets, windows, sounds). I now live and work in rural Wales, and encounter a different range of stimuli and exciting new chapters of exploration are opening up every day.. 

Photo by Ben Boswell

Follow the link to watch a film made by Lauren Heckler for Shifting Lines.

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