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I've had a productive start to 2021 with finishing off work for Collect with Ruthin Craft Centre and after nearly 15 years I've finally weather proofed and insulated my studio roof! I had to pack away quite a few things to do the work so I decided to also decorate and freshen up the whole space, it feels wonderful and has been even lovelier to work in. I'm really excited to be showing at Collect for the first time, due to the current circumstances the show will be online. 26th feb - 2nd March and on until 24th March.  I'm also working towards showing with The Digital Craft Festival 26th-28th March, I'm really pleased to be involved with this wonderful new format. I had a lovely chat with Sarah James from Craft Festival/Digital Craft Festival for her podcast The Capital of Craft, hope you enjoy! Apple Podcast: Spotify:

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